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How do we operate?

StudyLast.com is an online marketplace operated by the Students International LLC. Our targeted primary audience is college or university students. There are two main user types. Sellers (Uploaders) and Buyers (Downloaders).

As the uploaders, students can submit their own study materials, notes and guides to sell on our website. It’s the uploader’s responsibility to submit legit contents. But we have a screening process where we review each and every file. We do not accept university owned contents or contents copyrighted to someone else. And we only approve high quality content which we think has an actual value and is legitimate. Uploaders get to choose the price of their contents. We pay them 50% of the set price as a commission from every sale.

As the downloaders, other students can visit the frontend of the website and purchase the files submitted by the uploaders. They can use the high functioning search facility to search and filter the files they need.

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