Uploader FAQ

What kind of notes can I sell?

We accept all kind of education resources. University / College Lecture Notes, High School / AL / OL Class Notes, E-Books and Other Educational Resources.

How do I upload the notes?

Please visit this link to add a new upload. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to register or login. Then proceed with the upload.

Why should I verify my grades?

If we can verify your grades, we add a special mark right next to your grade. That states your grades are verified and downloaders prefer to by verified notes. Which gets you more sales.

How do I verify my grades?

Add your grade into the Grade input field. Then submit your academic transcript using the Upload Transcript field. Don’t worry. We will not publish your transcript. We will check it internally and add the Grade Verify mark to your notes.

How much do you pay me for a set of notes?

We facilitate a commission structure. That means we pay you when your notes are sold. You get to set the price of your notes when you upload and we pay a commission of 50%.

How do you pay me?

We pay via WISE. You can easily register for a WISE account by visiting their website. Please add your WISE email by visiting your profile. Prior to your initial payout, it’s essential to provide a valid and active WISE email address. Be certain that this email is accurately connected to your bank account to enable smooth transactions. Please be aware that if a payout is missed for any reason, automatic detection won’t be possible. It is your duty to ensure the proper maintenance and updating of your WISE account. Once a payout is returned to us, it will not be reissued under any circumstances.

When will you pay my commission?

Our commission payout is scheduled to be processed between the 15th and 28th of the following month. In simpler terms, you will receive commissions for this month’s sales during the 15th to 28th of the next month. It’s crucial to be aware of our money-back guarantee policy. If a refund is requested for any of your note sales, the corresponding commission will be revoked accordingly. Assuming no complications arise, the calculation of non-revoked commissions will occur after the 15th.

How do I get more sales?

Make sure your notes are really good. They need to be clean. Add your transcript if you have. And make sure to add a meaningful title and a good description when you add your notes. Having an informative description can increase the chances of your notes getting indexed by search engines which ultimately leads to more visitors and sales. And You can promote your notes. Read next question for more details.

Can I promote my notes and earn points?

Yes. You can promote your notes. Visit this affiliate area to access your affiliate link and more tools.

Downloader FAQ

What can I buy from StudyLast?

We sell all types of academic documents including University or College Lecture Notes, High School, AL, OL Class Notes and E-Books.

How do I find the resources I need?

Please search for the notes you need using the search form at the top of every web page. You can simply type your query and search your notes. You can also use the search filters.

You can filter search results using the notes categories, which are University or College Lecture Notes, High School / AL / OL Class Notes, E-Books and Other Educational Resources.

You can also filter your results by Area, Course, Course Code, Institute and Notes created year.

How do I purchase the notes?

Visit the notes page. Some notes have versions or variations to select. If there are, please select them and click on ‘Add to Cart’ button. You will be redirected to Checkout page. If you have a discount code, enter it along with your Credit Card details.

Can you guarantee the quality of the notes?

We use multiple practices to guarantee the quality of our notes.

First of all we review the notes manually. We don;t approve notes automatically. We check if the notes are real and relevant.

We also check if we can verify the grades of the author. Authors can submit their academic transcript if they choose to and we review it to confirm the grades. If we can confirm the grades, you will see a green tick right next to grades. See the image below.

Finally we let you to be the judge of the quality. That means, if you are not satisfied with an item that you have purchased, you may return the item within 7 days from the order date for a full or partial refund.

Can I share the notes I purchased with someone else?

No. You agree not to share the notes with a third party when you purchase the notes. So please don’t.

Can I edit purchased notes?

You can print your notes and make changes or add comments and modifications digitally. But you are not allowed to alter the contents and share with another party. The rightful owner of the notes you purchased is the uploader. The uploader holds all the right to the notes and we sell you a copy of the notes for personal use only.

How can I contact you?

You can use the chat facility by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right on every web page. You can also contact us using our contact form.

Can I get a discount?

We offer you multiple ways to earn discounts.

Share the notes on social media and we offer you a 5% discount to purchase.

You can also earn points when you complete your order for a discount on a future purchase.

General FAQ

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes. You can visit our affiliate area after you logged in. Your username will be used as the affiliate username. You can generate referral links to promote StudyLast. You can use the referral earning as store credits for future purchases.