Complete International Law of the Sea exam notes under LAWS4224 and LAWS6224 at ANU College of Law. 86% marks received. 54 pages long. Problem questions assisted.

  • Lecturer
  • Professor Donald Rothwell FAAL
  • Class Year
  • 2018
  • Grade
  • 86%
  • Number of Pages
  • 54
  • Staff Rating
  • 5/5

These are exam notes for International Law of the Sea under LAWS4224 undergraduate course and LAWS6224 graduate course at Australian National University Law School. They are complete and can be used in written exam. The notes are divided into various maritime zones, features and key topics for quick reference to the relevant UNCLOS articles and examples of international law cases. International Law of the Sea notes assist solving problem questions by including key legal issues to consider and the tests to apply (e.g. like in the Shipping and Navigation chapter).

These notes cover the following chapters:

  1. National Maritime Zones (Internal Waters, Bays & Bights, Baselines, Territorial Sea, Contiguous Zone)
  2. Resource Maritime Zones (Continental Shelf, Exclusive Economic Zone)
  3. High Seas (Historical development, HS freedoms, HS rights in EEZ, Legal status & jurisdiction, Duties & rights of flag state)
  4. Shipping & Navigation (Innocent passage, Transit passage, Freedoms in EEZ, Freedoms in HS, Rules peculiar to certain ships)
  5. Maritime Boundaries & Delimitation (Territorial sea, EEZ & Continental Shelf, Special/Relevant circumstances, Beyond 200nm, Methods)
  6. Historical Development & Miscellaneous (Legal nature, Reservations & Declarations)
  7. Deep Seabed (Dispute Resolution, South China Sea)

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