APUSH Period 6 (1865-1898) color coded notes at the AP (Advanced Placement). 2023 created, 27 page notes got me 96.2 in the exam.

  • Class Year
  • 2023
  • Grade
  • 96.2
  • Number of Pages
  • 27
  • Staff Rating
  • 4.5/5

The APUSH Period 6 (1865-1898) Color Coded Notes are an essential resource for students preparing for their AP U.S. History exams, particularly those focusing on the transformative years following the Civil War. These 27-page notes, which contributed to achieving a 96.2 on the exam, are meticulously organized and color-coded to enhance readability and retention of the material. The color-coding system helps distinguish between various themes and key concepts at a glance, making revision more efficient and effective.

Coverage and Structure

The notes provide a comprehensive exploration of Period 6 in APUSH, covering critical historical events and trends from 1865 to 1898. Key areas of focus include:

  • The Settlement of the West: Details the expansion into western territories, conflicts with Native Americans, and the impact of the Homestead Act.
  • The “New South”: Explores the economic and social transformation in the southern states post-Civil War, including the shift from agrarian to industrial economies and the challenges of Reconstruction.
  • The Rise of Industrial Capitalism: Discusses the major changes in the American economy due to industrialization, including the growth of factories, labor issues, and the emergence of prominent industrialists.
  • Immigration and Migration: Examines the waves of immigrants entering the United States during this period and their contributions to society, as well as the migration patterns within the country.
  • Reform Movements: Looks at the various social and political movements aimed at improving society, including efforts toward temperance, women’s suffrage, and labor reform.
  • Debates about the Role of Government: Analyzes how different groups viewed the government’s role in regulating economy and society, highlighting the differing perspectives on government intervention and oversight.

The APUSH Period 6 Color Coded Notes are more than just a study aid—they are a strategic tool designed to elevate a student’s understanding of a pivotal era in American history. With detailed coverage of significant trends and events, these notes ensure that students are well-prepared to score high on their exams and understand the broader implications of these historical developments.

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