Environmental Law (LAWS5134) notes

These are Environmental Law (LAWS5134) notes from the University of Queensland. 70 page long file. Both Queensland and the Commonwealth Environmental Laws are covered.

LAWS5215: Civil Procedure comprehensive summary

Comprehensive summary of LAWS5215 covering Civil Procedure course at the University of Queensland. These 85 page long notes are based on lectures, readings & key…

LAWS3101: Income Tax Law final exam notes

Final exam notes for LAWS3101 covering Income Tax Law at University of Queensland. These notes are 42 pages long and include textbook contents and lecture…

LAWS2703: Law of Torts II comprehensive summary notes

These are comprehensive summary notes for LAWS2703 - Law of Torts II at University of Queensland. Only 40 pages long these notes are colour coordinated…

Jurisprudence (LAWS4111) comprehensive summary notes

This file contains comprehensive summaries of Jurisprudence (LAWS4111) lectures, key concepts and also external materials. These are notes from UQ Law School.