Geography BA essays for all 3 years under UCAS code L700 from the University of Birmingham. Combined 234 pages of essays will help you get 1st class in 2022.

  • Class Year
  • 2022
  • Grade
  • 1st
  • Number of Pages
  • 234
  • Staff Rating
  • 5/5

These file contains 22 essays that you need during all 3 years of BA Geography at the University of Birmingham. Covered essay topics along with the years are:

Year 1 (39 Pages)

  1. Contemporary Human Geography – Analysis of News Article Essay – Berlin Residents Reject Google Campus
  2. Global Environmental Issues Essay – Reviewing Recent Academic Research on Renewable Energy using Germany, Norway, and Thassos as Case Studies
  3. Urban Geography – Mapping Essay – Using Your Maps Describe Urban Change in South Birmingham Post 1840
  4. Urban Geography – Children and Research – Evaluate the Advantages and Disadvantages of Three Different Research Methods for Studying Children’s Lives in Cities
  5. Human Geography Essay – Discuss the Importance of Geography in Understanding Your Own Transition into Student hood
  6. Political – Banal Nationalism Essay – Discuss Michael Billig’s Concept of Banal Nationalism and its Importance for Understanding the Construction of Nations
  7. Cultural Geography Essay – With Reference to a Cultural Object of your Choice, Discuss the Geographies of its Production, Circulation or Consumption – Football Merchandise

Year 2 (83 Pages)

  1. Geography University of Birmingham – Development – India Modernisation 2:1 Essay
  2. Geography Development Module UoB Grade 2:1 Essay – Historical and Contemporary Reasons for the Continuing Existence of Poverty and Inequality in Nepal
  3. Geography Environmental Assessment Essay UoB Grade 2:1 – 3 Pillars of Sustainability
  4. Fieldwork Essay – How can Altering Different Levels of Embodiment Impact Our Experience and Perception of Place
  5. Human Research Methods for Fieldwork Reflective Report – University of Birmingham
  6. Urban Geography – Understanding Neighbourhood Poverty Assignment – University of Birmingham
  7. Understanding Neighbourhood Poverty – Neighbourhood Plan – Selly Oak, Birmingham

Year 3 (112 Pages)

  1. Development Module – 5,000 Word Essay – An Analysis of the Agrarian Transition in Rural India
  2. University of Birmingham – An Exploration of the Representation of Childhood and Nature at Sudbury Hall – 2000 Words
  3. Children’s Geography – The Relationship Between Young People and Space – 2000 Words
  4. Conservation and Biodiversity – Management Plan of Attingham Park – University of Birmingham
  5. Geography Dissertation – Final Research Project Proposal – Women and Heritage – University of Birmingham
  6. Environmental Justice Essay – Should People Working on Environmental Justice Be Concerned with Gender – 2500 Words
  7. Geography Year 3 Dissertation – Research Project Analysis and Literature Review – Women and Heritage
  8. Gender and Sexual Diversity Essay – Interdisciplinary Approaches to LGBTQ Identities – University of Birmingham

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