Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis lecture notes under PSCL 436 from the Case Western Reserve University. 58 page notes were written in 2022.

These Applied Behavior Analysis notes cover the following topics:

  • Lecture 1: Introduction and Broad Areas of Application
  • Lecture 2: Defining, Measuring, and Recording Target Behavior
  • Lecture 3: Behaviorism and Doing Behavior Modification Research
  • Lecture 4: Respondent Conditioning
  • Lecture 5: Increasing a Behavior with Positive Reinforcement
  • Lecture 6: Conditioned Reinforcement, Operant Extinction, Shaping
  • Lecture 7: Schedules of Reinforcement, Stimulus Control, Fading, etc.
  • Lecture 8: Functional Analysis of Behavior
  • Lecture 9: Functional Analysis of Behavior
  • Lecture 10: Differential Reinforcement and Generalization
  • Lecture 11: Transference and Escape/Avoidance Conditioning
  • Lecture 12: Rules and Conclusion

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