IB History Authoritarian States (Hitler) notes for IB DP. This contains a list of key notes to use in as the the most important factors in paper 2 as mentioned in History guide.

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  • 2021
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  • 6
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This is a list of key notes that you can use in paper 2 as the most important factors that need to be studied as recommended by the History guide. This document contains:
The emergence of authoritarian states:
  • Conditions in which authoritarian states emerged:
  • Economic factors
  • Social division
  • Impact of war
  • Weakness of political system
  • Methods used to establish authoritarian states:
  • Persuasion and coercion
  • The role of leaders
  • Ideology
  • the use of force
  • Propaganda
Consolidation and maintenance of power:
  • Use of legal methods
  • Use of force
  • Charismatic leadership
  • Dissemination of propaganda
  • Nature, extent, and treatment of opposition
  • The impact of the success and/or failure of foreign policy on the maintenance of power
Aims and results of policies:
  • Aims and impact of domestic economic, political, cultural, and social policies
  • The impact of policies on women and minorities
  • Authoritarian control and the extent to which it was achieved

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