Legal Foundations of the EU Case Law notes from the Leiden University cover main cases in summarised form. Written in 2021, 60 page notes are exam targeted.

  • Summary Source
  • Case Law
  • Lecturer
  • Professor Armin Cuyvers
  • Class Year
  • 2021
  • Number of Pages
  • 60
  • Staff Rating
  • 4.75/5

These summarised notes cover all the main cases in Legal Foundations. Most important parts are highlighted while comments are added where necessary. These were proved very useful in exam. All the cases are listed under the following topics:

  1. Basic Constitutional Aspects
  2. Direct Effect of Treaty Provisions
  3. Vertical Direct Effect of Treaty Provisions
  4. Horizontal Direct Effect of Treaty Provision (Chart 6/4)
  5. Direct Effect of Decisions
  6. Direct Effect of Recommendations
  7. Direct Effect of Regulations
  8. Vertical Direct Effect of Directives
  9. Horizontal Direct Effect of Directives Chart 6/4, 6/6
  10. Conform interpretation
  11. Consistency During Implementation Period Chart 5/2, 6/10
  12. Extension of The Implementation Period
  13. Triangular Situation Chart 6/7
  14. incidental Horizontal Effect Chart 6/8
  15. Combined Effect of a Directive and a General Principle/Right Under The Cfr Chart 6/9
  16. Horizontal Direct Effect of General Principles
  17. Fundamental Rights As General Principles
  18. Fundamental Rights As The Very Foundation of The EU Legal order
  19. Judicial independence/ Rule of Law As an Absolute Principle
  20. Supreme Social Heart of The EU Law
  21. Supremacy Chart 6/1 and 6/2
  22. Supremacy Dependant on Direct Effect
  23. Limits to Supremacy
  24. Supremacy From Prespective of MS
  25. institutions
  26. Legal Basis only in Treaties
  27. Legal Basis: Choosing or Combining?
  28. Limits of a Legal Basis
  29. Enforcement of Subsidiarity
  30. Delegating v Implementing Acts
  31. Enhanced Cooperation
  32. The Right to Withdraw
  33. Admissibility of an Action for Annulment
  34. Action for Failure to Act
  35. Plea of Illegality
  36. Preliminary Ruling Procedure
  37. Complete System of Remedies
  38. infringement Procedure
  39. Liability Under EU Law

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