General Chemistry I & II lab manual with instructions. 47 page file cover 6 experiments with techniques, procedures and introductions required.

  • Class Year
  • 2021
  • Number of Pages
  • 47
  • Staff Rating
  • 4.5/5

This manual can be used by;

  • General Chemistry I (CHEM 101, CHEM 111, and CHEM 107) and
  • General Chemistry II (CHEM 102 and CHEM 112)

courses in the Middle East Technical University at Chemistry Department. The experiments are selected to show some basic techniques and procedures by which a chemist obtains information by the experiments, and then uses the data collected to draw conclusions about properties and behavior of matter. All the experiments have introduction sections giving background information needed to bridge the gap between lecture presentations of the topics and laboratory studies.

Covered experiences are:

  • Introductory Laboratory Techniques
  • The Law of Definite Proportions
  • Enthalpy of Formation
  • Solutions
  • Colligative Properties
  • Electrochemistry-Voltaic cells

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