Developmental Psychology (PSYC 289) lectures and textbook notes from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Created in 2023, 52 page notes got me 89% in exam.

  • Summary Source
  • lectures and textbook
  • Class Year
  • 2023
  • Grade
  • 89%
  • Number of Pages
  • 52
  • Staff Rating
  • 4.75/5

Get ready to learn all about how people grow and change over time with Developmental Psychology (PSYC 289) lectures and textbook notes. These notes help you understand how kids turn into grown-ups.

In the lectures, the teacher talks about how our minds and behaviors change from when we’re babies to when we’re old. The textbook notes explain the important stuff you read in the book. When you use both lecture and textbook notes together, you’ll really get the full picture.

If you’ve ever wondered why babies learn things so fast or why people act differently at different ages, these notes are here to help you figure it all out in simple words.

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