Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination (PANCE) complete study guide for 2021. 308 page notes contain most of the blueprint disorders listed.

This is a perfectly organized study guide to use in Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination (PANCE). See the preview to get an idea about the notes. They cover the clinical part and contain most of the blueprint disorders.

All the required graphics including the graphs and diagrams are included with the notes. Follows a table format throughout the notes to make it easy to study and follow. Use these notes to pass PANCE in one sitting.

Key to follow the notes:

  • disorder categories (disorder systems as organized by PANCE blueprints) = BOLD BLACK AND CAPITALIZED
  • disorders
    • red disorders = PANCE blueprint disorders
    • bold, black disorders =NOT listed on PANCE blueprint disorders, falls under a category or is something we have learned in PA school or a disorder tht keeps popping up on practice questions so its probs important
  • colors coded
    • blue = treatment/medications, usually mainstay treatment
    • black = additional treatments, information, notes, etc.
    • dark red, hella bold pink, other really bold shades of purple/red/pink that catch your eye (bright green, etc) = important information, highlight if you really think its that great
    • orange = categories
    • green = subcategories
  • shorthand
    • DOC/1st = drug of choice/ 1st line tx
    • TOC = test of choice, treatment of choice
    • MC = most common
    • x= not, no
    • w= with
    • rx = drugs
    • stnd = standard

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