Economics (ECON0002) term 1 and term 2 complete summary from UCL. These notes were written in 2021 and combined they are 375 pages long.

  • Summary Source
  • Main text: The Economy
  • Lecturer
  • Professor Wendy Carlin
  • Class Year
  • 2021
  • Grade
  • 81%
  • Number of Pages
  • 375
  • Staff Rating
  • 5/5

These two notes summarises the main text for UCL BSc first year Economics ‘The Economy’. Both of the notes summarises the main text but with influence from the lectures.

Term 1: This covers units 1 to 8 and unit 11 to 12

Term 2: This covers units 9 to 10, units 13 to 17 and unit 19

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