Building System Design reports under CEC 222 from the University of Southeastern Philippines. 39 page notes contain 4 reports that can be used on the subject.

Building System Design (CEC 222) reports. Cover 4 main reports. They are:

  • Financial Consideration report outline

Topics include:

    • Influences on Construction Costs
    • Introduction to Cost Estimation
    • Major Types of Building Cost Estimate
    • Other Types of Building Cost Estimate
    • Elements of a Construction Cost Estimate
    • Major Approaches to Construction Cost Estimation
    • Data Required Preparing Estimate
    • Steps for Estimation of Building
    • Creating Bill of Quantities
    • Functional Divisions of Building Structural Systems
    • Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)
    • Factors Affecting the LCCA
    • Practices Required in Conducting LCC Analysis
    • Basic Formula for Calculating Life-Cycle Cost
    • Types of Cost
    • Uncertainty Assessment in LCCA
    • Supplementary Measures
    • Parameters for Present Value Analysis


  • Codes and Regulations

Identify at least two (2) sections for each of the following codes that can be applied to building construction. In your own words, explain its relevance and importance in our profession and further discuss why we need to impose and follow these regulations.

    • National Building Code of the Philippines
    • National Structural Code of the Philippines
    • Architectural Code of the Philippines
    • Electrical Code of the Philippines
    • National Plumbing Code of the Philippines


  • Technical Documentation

Discuss sites, facilities and systems that are responsive to relevant codes and regulation and include the principles of life safety and accessibility standards in relation to:

      • Space Planning
      • Specifications
      • Quantity Surveying and Cost Estimates
      • Building Permits


  • Building Envelope Systems and Assemblies

Discuss the basic principles involved in the appropriate selection and application of building envelope systems relative to:

      • Building Aesthetics
      • Building Durability
      • Energy and Material Resources

Site some example projects (actual project) that best describe these characteristics.

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