Pathopharmacology (AGAC 6360) final exam notes

Pathopharmacology final exam targetd notes under AGAC 6360 from the Rutgers University. Created in 2022, 24 page notes got me 86% in exam.

HSC Business Studies Finance notes with case studies

HSC Business Studies Finance topic notes with case studies to sharpen your knowledge. Written in 2021, 25 page notes got me an ATAR of 90.

The Human Mind (HPS203) course notes

The Human Mind course notes under HPS203 from the Deakin University. Created in 2022, 88 page notes cover 1 to 10 weeks and great for…

General Chemistry (CHEM 1601) textbook notes

General Chemistry textbook notes under CHEM 1601 from the Vanderbilt University. Created in 2021, these 72 page notes cover all the chapters.

Multivariable Calculus and Modelling (MATH1023) lecture notes

Multivariable Calculus and Modelling lecture notes under MATH1023 from the University of Sydney. Created in 2022, 28 page notes got me a HD

Health Care Issues (HAN 300) final exam outline

Health Care Issues final exam outline under HAN 300 from the Stony Brook University. Created in 2021, 53 page notes helped me with an A.