Accounting for Business Decisions A (22107) Practice Examination Q&A and Study Notes

Accounting for Business Decisions A (22107) notes contain practice examination questions and answers for theory section. They also contain the important notes for the practical…

By: BusiUTS Year: Grade: 75% 15 Pages
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Sociological Theory (SCLG2601) complete summary HD notes

Clear and coherent Sociological Theory (SCLG2601) complete summary notes include key information on concepts, definitions, theorists and examples. Written for disability services.

By: SydSoci Year: Grade: 95% 47 Pages

Introduction to Sociology 2 (SCLG1002) comprehensive summaries

Comprehensive and coherent summaries of Introduction to Sociology 2 - SCLG1002. This file includes key information regarding concepts, definitions, theorists and examples.

By: SydSoci Year: Grade: High Distinction 34 Pages

Quantitative Methods in Economics (ECON1003) 100% notes

Quantitative Methods in Economics (ECON1003) entire semesters worth (13 lectures) of high quality HD notes. Fit with easy to read diagrams and breakdowns of topics…

By: biznotes Year: Grade: 100% 44 Pages

Public Law – LAWS5007 Complete notes HD 2020

These Public Law - LAWS5007 notes are well written and complete.Study these to get above 70% for the subject. These are updated to be compatible…

By: Brandon Year: Grade: 74% 103 Pages

Public Law (LAWS5007) Detailed notes

These LAWS5007 Public Law notes are extremely detailed. These were created for the University of Sydney Public Law subject for the year 2017. 

By: AusiLaw Year: Grade: 78% 99 Pages

Administrative Law (70617) complete notes for final exam

These Administrative Law (70617) complete notes for final exam contain information seminar notes and textbook readings on Judicial Review (the topic for the final exam).

By: UTSLaw Year: Grade: 79% 92 Pages

Equity and Trusts (70517) UTS Complete notes for finals

My Equity and Trusts (70517) notes cover all the topics. I have created these aiming the final exams. These great notes cover the textbook reading,…

By: UTSLaw Year: Grade: 78% 192 Pages

Criminal Law and Procedure (70114 ) week 3-10 notes for final exam

Criminal Law and Procedure (70114 ) notes cover the lectures from week 3 to week 10. These are final exam targeted complete notes that covers…

By: UTSLaw Year: Grade: 82% 56 Pages

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology – MEDS2003 lecture notes

These Biochemistry and Molecular Biology lecture notes helped me to get a D (79%) in 2019. These distinction level notes are organised by lecture and…

By: PrBio Year: Grade: 79% 65 Pages

ACC1100 – Introduction to financial accounting Full HD Lecture Notes

Introduction to financial accounting (ACC1100) comprehensive notes were taken in semester 1 2018. These Monash university notes are a great tool for study. 

By: monbis Year: Grade: HD 261 Pages

Corporate Finance 1 (FINC2011) Lecture Notes

Corporate Finance 1 high quality lecture notes in comprehensive and concise detail for FINC2011. These notes are based on Semester 1, 2020 Lecture Content. 

By: biznotes Year: Grade: 74% 66 Pages

Administrative Law (LAWS2010) complete exam notes

These Administrative Law (LAWS2010)  notes are comprehensive. They are updated to Administrative Law course. All the listed cases are summarised for easy reading. All topics…

By: AusiLaw Year: Grade: 81% 134 Pages

CPA Strategic Management Accounting (SMA) 2020 HD Summary

CPA Program - Strategic Management Accounting (SMA) Summary Notes. I got HD with this set. I hope you get good marks. I have prepared these…

By: cpagal Year: Grade: HD 96 Pages

CPA Strategic Management Accounting (SMA) Keyword Index (S2 2020 – 3rd Ed)

Detailed Keyword Index with page references for the official CPA Australia Strategic Management Accounting (SMA) study guide. This keyword index provides a summary of all…

By: cpagal Year: Grade: HD 10 Pages

CPA Global Strategy and Leadership (GSL) Summary Notes – HD – 2020 S1 (3rd Ed)

CPA Global Strategy and Leadership (GSL) summary notes are written based on the 3rd Edition of the subject. I got HD for this. My notes…

By: cpagal Year: Grade: HD 48 Pages

CPA Contemporary Business Issues (CBI) HD Notes & Index (4th Ed S2 – 2020)

Study Notes with page references based on the official CPA Australia Contemporary Business Issues Study Guide. These notes provide a detailed summary of all of…

By: cpagal Year: Grade: HD 97 Pages
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LAWS2014 Corporations Law – Problem questions answer outlines

These notes gives you the outlines on how to answer problem questions and how to identify relevant issues. Use these LAWS2014 Corporations Law notes to…

By: AusiLaw Year: Grade: 82% 54 Pages

Public International Law – Exam Questions Answer Guide – Curtin Law

This file contains the summarized answers for the public international law (LAWS2010) exam questions for Curtin Law School. Follow these notes to get over 75%.…

By: curtlaw Year: Grade: 88% 10 Pages

CPA Strategic Management Accounting 3rd Edition -2020 (HD) Notes

Since I've received HD, I thought I would share these SMA CPA Strategic Management Accounting notes 3rd Edition notes with you. These are the perfect…

By: CPAGuru Year: Grade: HD 115 Pages