IB SEHS SL and HL (with option A and B) complete notes at the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP). 2024 created, 79 page notes got me 7 in the exam.

IB SEHS SL and HL Complete Notes (with Option A and B) provide an extensive resource for students enrolled in the Sports, Exercise, and Health Science (SEHS) course at both Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL). This comprehensive 79-page guide meticulously covers all core topics and option modules, ensuring students are well-prepared for both levels of the curriculum.

The notes begin with Standard Level topics, detailing:

  • Topic 1 – Anatomy
  • Topic 2 – Exercise Physiology
  • Topic 3 – Energy Systems
  • Topic 4 – Movement Analysis
  • Topic 5 – Skill in Sport
  • Topic 6 – Measurement and Evaluation of Human Performance

For those studying at the Higher Level, the notes extend into more advanced areas, including:

  • Topic 7 – Further Anatomy
  • Topic 8 – The Endocrine System
  • Topic 9 – Fatigue
  • Topic 10 – Friction and Drag
  • Topic 11 – Skill Acquisition and Analysis
  • Topic 12 – Genetics and Athletic Performance
  • Topic 13 – Exercise and Immunity

Additionally, the notes cover two option topics which are critical for comprehensive exams:

  • Option A – Optimising Physiological Performance
  • Option B – Psychology of Sports

Each section is clearly structured and enriched with diagrams, definitions, and key concepts that align with the IB SEHS curriculum. This resource is not only tailored for exam preparation but also designed to deepen students’ understanding of how scientific principles apply to sports, exercise, and health. These notes are invaluable for any IB SEHS student seeking to achieve high marks and gain a profound understanding of the subject matter.

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