LAWS3133: Law of Banking exam notes

Law of Banking exam notes for LAWS3133 at Faculty of Law of UNSW. These 50 pages long notes are comprehensive notes covering readings and lectures.

Competition Law (LAWS3022) notes – UNSW

Comprehensive Competition Law (LAWS3022) notes at University of New South Wales (UNSW). This is a 136 pages long document covering the whole course.

Cities, Planning, Law and Justice (LAWS3073 & JURD7773) summary notes

These are summarised and complete Cities, Planning, Law and Justice notes for LAWS3073 course and it's equivalent JD course, JURD7773. These notes are very well…

Intellectual Property 1 (LAWS3046) Complete Notes

These Intellectual Property 1 (LAWS3046) complete notes cover the entire module. I have mainly focused on copyright law and registered design law. 

UNSW Succession (LAWS3393) Complete Notes

These are the UNSW Succession (LAWS3393) complete notes. After studying these, you will learn how to write a will and the reasons behind it.

Crime and the Criminal Process (LAWS1021) Problem Question Notes

Extremely detailed and clear Crime and the Criminal Process (LAWS1021) problem question notes that will allow you to answer any problem question with analytical depth…

Commercial and Charitable Trusts (LAWS3023) Complete Notes

These Commercial and Charitable Trusts (LAWS3023) complete summary notes will help you to get the best out of the subject. These are clean notes and…